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Check Out Mohr Vet Research!

We offer swine for research projects:

  • Small or large orders supplied

  • All ages available 

  • High-health status or disease specific for study

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In 1961, my father, Dr. H. T. Mohr, started practicing Veterinary Medicine at 12 S. Marshall Ave. in Springfield, Minnesota with the goal of providing the best animal care to the community. Inspired by his commitment to agriculture and love of animals, I followed in his footsteps and received a Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Minnesota in 1993.


As the Veterinarian and Owner of Mohr Vet, I practice at same location my father did nearly 60 years ago. Mohr Vet is dedicated to providing the highest quality swine vet services, research, and consultation.


I believe that farmers are the heart of America, and it is my passion to help family farmers feed the world.

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